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Northside Magazine, Harrogate & Leeds Feature Sep ’13


So.. It’s been a crazy past couple of months and I’ve definitely done the worst job of updating my blog ever.

But, I think this does call for a little mention.

Since May I’ve been working at a makeover studio in Leeds City centre as resident photographer. The studio itself is situated in the very same building a Mr Sparks met a Mr Spencers and the M&S we know today was born.

It most certainly is a great opportunity to work on a regular basis in such an amazing space, with so much potential. And not to mention the creative team I get to be a part of.

I get to work alongside some amazingly creative and lovely people with amazing stories about their careers and experiences. All of which, excite me for my future and the experiences I have yet to have.

Our in house stylist Liz’s first ever model was who we now know as Agnes Dean whom she shot for Henry Holland in his time at university.

This month an article on us guys has been published in Northside magazine, alongside photographs I have taken for the studio.

The issue is being posted out to houses in and around Leeds and Harrogate and I’m chuffed to add this as my third piece of published work.

Seeing my work alongside so many other photographers, in print has really given me the confidence boost I’ve needed at the moment!

I’ll also make sure to post about my other publications before this piece as it’s great to see my work progressing and improving.

Chow for now! X


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