Deteste Clothing.

Model: Mollie Alice Woodhead Photographer: Amber Marie Barker


Last month I jumped in on a friends shoot to help him out. It was a lot more ‘urban’ styled compared to my usual work of reportage style photography, so it was nice to shake things up a bit.

I originally expected to be there more as a helping hand and to give a few tips, so it was a surprise to end up shooting all the models. The shoot itself  definitely reinforced the importance of meticulous planning. As a photographer I can be far too much of a control freak when it comes to planning. I especially hate it when people describe what they want vague and subjectively. After all, everyone has different opinions and tastes as to what looks ‘cool’ or ‘good’. It opens up the chance that the photographs won’t be what the director of the shoot had in mind. Unless of course, you have booked a photographer for their personal style, in this instance it would be a different situation. If I’m photographing someone else’s concept or ideas, I always encourage a healthy dialogue between the entire creative team.

On the other hand, to say I jumped in half an hour or so before the shoot. We had around half an hour of okay light before the sun went down and we only had natural lighting to play with, I’m happy we got some decent shots.

Photo credit: Johnny Glasgow.

Model: Rhianna Leach Photographer & Retoucher: Amber Marie Barker


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