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Lisa & Kieran O’Brien 02/08/14 The wedding of Lisa & Kieran took place in St Albans R.C Church in Blackburn, Lancashire and continued to a lovely farm house marquee reception in Oswaldtwistle. Luckily, the showers permitted enough time for photos. But once the rain started again, that didn’t stop the little ones from having fun. So many brilliant moments throughout the day. A little girl eating her pudding using the signature face plant plate technique. My first ever dog wedding guest, who also activated stealth mode and managed to sneak off with an empty packet of crisps from the vintage sweet table. Unlucky! And last but not least, photos from the groom’s stag do which included a very anatomically inaccurate inflatable… erm… organ costume? Congratulations to the lovely couple! Amber Marie x

Wedding Photography

Lisa & Kieran August ’14


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