The move from single shooting weddings to working with another photographer felt like one of the biggest and most essential moves to make this year. It allows Amber Marie Photography to tell a more complete story by capturing the emotions and events of the day from two perspectives rather than one and that’s why, when planning your wedding, I would always recommend booking two photographers, and why my packages now do so as standard.

Although I’m used to working as part of a collaborative team within some of my commercial work, Tom & Natasha’s engagement shoot, which took place on Ilkley Moors in West Yorkshire, was my first opportunity to put working with another photographer to the test. Finding a second shooter wasn’t difficult, I have a photographer by my side each day whose work is miles better than when I shot my first ever wedding 5.. 6.. no.. 7 years ago!

The biggest benefit however of becoming a she & him team is for our couples, who can relax, safe in the knowledge that we understand the importance of truth, honesty and love within a relationship and that we can incorporate these into our practise creating coverage that tells a more complete and honest story about you.

portraits, Wedding Photography

Pre wedding photo shoot on Ilkley Moors, West Yorkshire, with Natasha & Tom


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